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Coral Zinc 15

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Improves the functioning of the immune, reproductive, endocrine systems, metabolism, skin condition. Contains zinc gluconate, which is easily and completely absorbed by the body, does not irritate the intestines. APPLICATION

Adults take 1 tablet daily with meals. MAIN COMPONENTS


Takes part in the formation of cellular immunity, increasing resistance to infections. Participates in various types of metabolism, including protein, the functioning of many enzymes, promotes better absorption of vitamin E, normal functioning of the pancreas. Its sufficient content in the body is very important for the formation of male sex hormones and a healthy condition of the prostate. Zinc plays a major role in the synthesis of DNA, RNA, ribosomes and cell division, therefore it is necessary for tissue growth and regeneration. Zinc is important for hair and nail growth and healthy skin. COMPOSITION

15 mg Zinc (gluconate)

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