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Coral Black Walnut

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Helps rid the body of parasites at different stages of invasion.

Provides effective and safe prevention of parasite infestation when eating raw fish, swimming in water, contact with parasitic soil, communicating with animals, etc.

Fights against fungi of the genus Candida (causative agents of thrush), pathogenic bacteria and microbes.

They have a positive effect on digestion and bowel function.

"Black Walnut" is designed to effectively and safely fight parasites with natural remedies. Promotes overall body detoxification and improved digestion.


2 capsules 2 times a day.


Black Walnut Leaf Extract

Fights against worms and fungi of the genus Candida, helps to normalize stools and improve bowel function. Possesses antibacterial, antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties. The healing effect of black walnut is due to its unique composition: it contains a large amount of juglone (a powerful natural antibiotic and anthelmintic), as well as tannins, flavonoids, organic acids, coumarins, glycosides, vitamins, essential oils and mineral salts.

Oregano extract (oregano)

A rich source of essential oils and tannins, as well as thymol and carvacrol - valuable substances that are effective against various types of parasites. Oregano also has strong antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. Promotes the normalization of digestion: stimulates intestinal motility, increases the tone of smooth muscles, improves the secretion of the digestive glands.


Black Walnut Leaf Extract (Juglans nigra)

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